It all started when Kohli posted a picture of himself diving to catch a ball, and Rhodes replied with a picture of his own iconic dive, saying "It all started with a dive for me too

Former South African cricket maestro Jonty Rhodes commended Virat Kohli, PUMA Brand Ambassador, for his exceptional diving skills. Kohli introduced the innovative AI-led campaign titled “PUMA DIVE” on Friday. He showcased his diving prowess by sharing an image of himself mid-dive on X. He invited fans to rate it with the hashtag #PUMADive.

Rhodes, one of the greatest fielders of all time, joined the conversation stating, “Nice one, Virat! It all started with a dive for me too. Reminiscing some special memories. Hope you make some this year. Not against us though #PUMADive.” Alongside his message, Rhodes shared a diving image from a historic game in 1992.

Virat Kohli’s fans have often drawn parallels between his iconic on-field dives and PUMA’s leaping cat logo. This season, PUMA has capitalized on this connection by creating a platform to reward fans for uploading images of dives on X.

India’s cricket all-rounder Yuvraj Singh also chimed in, expressing his admiration for Jonty Rhodes: “The legend Jonty Singh @JontyRhodes8. Learnt a dive or two from you growing up #PUMADive.”

Adding another layer to the banter, Indian football veteran Sunil Chhetri challenged Virat Kohli saying, “Checked with a few of the lads on the Indian cricket team, and they reckon my dive might be better, dost. #PUMADive. Will be watching you at the World Cup.”

As part of the two-month-long PUMA Dive campaign, participants are encouraged to upload images of the best dives in everyday life, using the hashtag #PUMADive. The campaign spans various activities, from swimming and skydiving to artists at concerts and self-participation at PUMA’s offline events in malls and stores. PUMA promises that once you see the dive, you can’t unsee it!

What sets PUMA DIVE apart is the integration of generative AI, which swiftly assesses the accuracy of each dive in relation to PUMA’s iconic leaping cat logo. Participants receive rewards based on how closely their dive images match the PUMA logo, all within a minute of submission.