Editorial Mission

The Editorial Mission of CricToday is defined in a set of principles written by Manish Verma, who started the website in 2010.
The Principles for the conduct of CricToday :
1. The first goal of CricToday is, to tell the truth from sports, regardless of the circumstances.
2. The website shall provide appropriate information from the world of sports.
3. CricToday, as a propagator of news, shall not offend an individual or the organization, concerning the world of sports.
4. CricToday’s main focus is to provide news and content suitable for its consumers.
5. The website’s content shall be fair, apt and wholesome in its outlook, instead of being an ally of any special interest.

Ethics Policy and Conflict of Interest

At CricToday, we’ve adopted stringent policies to maintain high editorial standards, at all times. We are solely committed to providing sports content based on the viewpoints of our writers, and from the feedback received from our consumers.

We are pledged to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, no matter what. We have adopted strict policies on the same. We do not accept bribes and gifts. In short, we aren’t influenced by any government-funded organization.

Our writers also cannot accept money from any player or sports organization. Moreover, no freelance assignments should be accepted.


At CricToday, we are committed to fairness. Our writers are well aware of our policies. We follow the following practices for fairness in results.
1. A story is fair only if it contains facts of major importance or significance.
2. No story is fair if it includes unnecessary information at the expense of essential facts.
3. A story should never mislead or deceive the readers, consciously or subconsciously.
4. A story must not offend the sentiments of an individual or an organization.


CricToday respects tastes and decency especially considering today’s rapidly changing media environment. We shall avoid profanities and obscenities unless one cannot do justice to the story without them. These shall also not be used without the approval of senior editors. Last but not the least, we do not promote links that contain potentially offensive content.


We have complete and separate pages of editorial and opinionated content. This separation enables us to serve our readers with the real-time interpretation of facts, figures as well as statistical analysis.

Social Media

While using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., we must separate our personal and personal lives. Even if we do or don’t agree with another person, the priority must be to protect the reputation of our organization.

Links or information shared on social media should be considered public information, regardless of privacy compliance. Lastly, writers must refrain from writing or sharing anything that could objectively offend someone’s personal life.

Cosumer Interest

CricToday is committed to serving the interest of our readers by disseminating the news in the best possible way.

Fact-checking policy

We have a multi-level structure of reviewing the content before publishing on our website. A copy is filed and checked by the sub-editor, before the assistant editor cross-checks and forwards it to the senior editor.

Notably, the extent of the senior editor’s involvement varies depending on a range of factors, including time, and workload.

Staff Diversity

Diversity is at the heart of CricToday. We have staff members ranging from different parts of India, and with different backgrounds.

Ownership Structure

CricToday is owned by Manish Verma. The website was founded in 2010.

Correction Policy

We at CricToday strive for a deft, accurate and detailed report from a wide world of sports. We are pretty responsive when it comes to correcting errors of content published on our website. 

Updating content and correction

Our focus is to clarify to our readers, what was wrong and what is correct, whenever we update any content on the website. It is necessary to promptly publish a correction, especially in this age of digital media.

When our readers find an error, and he/she post it in the comment section, the audience engagement team indicates in the comment section that the correction has been made.

When we publish inaccurate information on social media, we should correct it on that particular platform. We do not blame a particular individual, but we do point out that the error had occurred due to some technical complications.


We are open to disclosing sources to our readers for gathering information, but only to a certain extent.

CricToday is committed to being truthful about the source of our information. Facts, figures and quotations in a story that were not gathered by our team must be accredited to a respectable organization.

Plagiarism is not allowed

Off-the-record information cannot be used for publication on the website.

Reader Feedback

At CricToday, we entertain reader contributions, and feedback as it helps us improve our work. Our editorial and social media team also tries to interact with our audience in real-time, if possible.