India beat Pakistan by 7 wickets
India beat Pakistan by 7 wickets in the World Cup clash

In a candid post-match statement following the intense India vs Pakistan 2023 World Cup clash, former Indian pacer S Sreesanth issued a strong warning to the Pakistan team.

Sreesanth expressed bewilderment at reports suggesting that the Pakistan Cricket Board had raised concerns about the crowd’s hostility during the match held in Ahmedabad. Dismissing the complaints, the 2011 World Cup winner argued that it was natural for the home crowd to fervently support the Indian team. He stated that had Pakistan performed better on the field, they would have received praise instead.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda, Sreesanth highlighted the importance of being prepared for both praise and criticism as a professional cricket team.

“If you perform well, the crowd cheers; perform poorly, and criticism follows. As a team, brace yourself for both. Mahi bhai used to advise us to focus on the process, acknowledging that pressure is inevitable. If you can’t handle the pressure, don’t come to India. It’s as simple as that. Don’t come. Go back, you are struggling. You’re playing like that too, ” he said.

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