ICC World Cup 2023 gains record viewership
ICC World Cup 2023 is on track to surpass 450 million viewers, which would make it the most-watched ODI World Cup in history

The ICC World Cup 2023 is making significant strides, reaching a massive audience of 450 million, and showing an 18% increase in engagement until the 34th match. The total watch time for live broadcasts has reached an impressive 243.6 billion minutes, marking a 10% rise from 2019.

The ongoing World Cup has captured the attention of nearly 430 million viewers by the 34th match. BARC reports a 10% growth in total watch time on television compared to the 2019 edition. This showcases the enduring passion of cricket fans and the impact of Team India’s stellar performance.

Key highlights include all India matches achieving a peak live concurrency of over 50 million viewers. The India vs New Zealand match hit the highest peak concurrency at 80 million viewers. The Average Time Spent (ATS) per viewer for the tournament has seen a substantial 18% increase. It highlights the intense interest in the competition and the captivating coverage by Disney Star.

With India, South Africa, and Australia securing their spots in the semi-finals, the race for the coveted fourth spot heats up. Pakistan and New Zealand are fiercely competing for a place in the semi-finals, promising fans more memorable moments and thrilling performances. As the top four teams battle for the elusive trophy, the excitement continues to build.