Former head coach of Team India
Former teammates, greats, and celebrities are pitching in to help Greg Chappell in his retirement.

Australian cricket legends rallied together to support Greg Chappell, a revered figure facing financial hardship. Unlike many of his peers, Chappell, known for his outstanding cricket career in the 1970s and 80s, did not have a fundraising testimonial event at the conclusion of his playing days.

The cricket community demonstrated solidarity by organizing a testimonial lunch at the MCG. Iconic figures like Ian and Trevor Chappell and Eddie McGuire hosted the event. At the same time, they initiated a GoFundMe page to provide financial assistance to the cricketing icon. Despite an impressive career with 24 centuries in 87 Test matches, he did not enjoy the financial benefits that today’s players experience.

Contrary to assumptions about former cricketers leading luxurious lives, Chappell stated that this is not the case for many from his era.

“I’m not in financial trouble,” Chappell clarified to

“I don’t want it to seem like we’re in a desperate situation, because we’re not. But we’re not living a luxurious life either,” he added.

“People often assume that cricketers like us live in luxury. While I’m not struggling, we’re not enjoying the same perks as today’s players,” he further explained.

Chappell, who also runs the Chappell Foundation, a charity dedicated to raising funds for homelessness causes, ensures that every dollar raised goes directly to the cause. Despite the assumption that founders could benefit personally, Chappell hasn’t taken a cent from the foundation, as revealed by his close friend Peter Maloney.

“Darshak Mehta oversees The Chappell Foundation, and every dollar raised is given out,” Maloney said.

“They distribute the funds yearly, ensuring no money is left at the end of each year, starting anew. When you associate your name with a foundation, you have the right to take some funds. However, Greg chose not to take a single cent, even though he had the option,” he explained.

The GoFundMe campaign, reflecting the deep respect and affection within the cricketing community for Chappell, has already raised an impressive $72,000. Chappell advocates for recognizing the foundational players’ contributions to cricket’s current standing.

In addition to his cricketing prowess, Chappell has made substantial contributions to Australian cricket as a talent scout and national selector, further solidifying his impact on the sport.