Shivam Dube said that he and Ravindra Jadeja were confident of winning

In the high-stakes final over of the IPL 2023 final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans, Shivam Dube alongside Ravindra Jadeja expressed unwavering confidence in securing victory alongside Ravindra Jadeja. This thrilling encounter took place at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, where the GT set an imposing target of 215 runs for MS Dhoni’s CSK in May of this year.

Facing a revised target of 171 runs in 15 overs due to rain interruptions, the CSK’s fortunes hinged on the final over. Reflecting on this moment during an interview on the AakashVani, Dube responded to Aakash Chopra’s inquiries about the dramatic climax.

“We needed 13 runs off the last over. Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) and I are both power hitters. Therefore, we were confident that we would win the game. Although we hadn’t considered who would hit, we had a gut feeling that we would win the game without a doubt,” Dube said.

The tall CSK all-rounder recalled Mohit Sharma starting the over with four outstanding deliveries.

“On the very first ball, Mohit Sharma delivered a pretty nice yorker. I mentioned that it was fine because a single powerful shot could exert pressure on the bowler. He bowled four effective deliveries, resulting in only three runs being scored,” he added.

Despite Mohit Sharma’s formidable start to the over, he couldn’t maintain the pressure on CSK.

“I predicted what would happen since we needed 10 runs off the final two balls, I said. Jaddu simply shook his head, and I joined him in doing the same. We had the conviction that we had to win the game. Positive feedback came from both ends. He and I both had the impression that we would win,” he continued.

Ravindra Jadeja maintained the same body language as before, Dube said, even after he hit a six off the penultimate ball.

“Then, on the fifth ball, he blasted a six. I remarked that the game had completely changed. In the last ball we needed to score four runs, and I saw them cooling Mohit bhai. Again, we both shook our heads. I predicted that it would happen in some way or another,” he said.

Dube wrapped up by recalling his thoughts before Jadeja hit the final ball for a four.

“Another thought that crossed my mind, three or four runs are typically not run in the IPL. I anticipated needing to move quickly because of the ground’s size and had chosen that as my last resort. Then, I had prepared myself to take off. I sprinted when it struck his bat but stopped when I realized it had reached the boundary and I didn’t need to,” he concluded.

Jadeja scored an unbeaten 15 off just six balls, and Dube remained not out on 32 off 21 deliveries. The duo ensured that CSK chased down the required 22 runs off the final 13 balls after MS Dhoni suffered a golden duck.